Attic Insulation for San Angelo, TX

In addition to superior construction, we are also experts at home insulation. Let Climate Right Construction help you save money on heating and cooling costs by adding insulation to your attic.

First, we measure the square footage of your attic and calculate the amount of insulation required. Then, we inspect the attic for insulation thickness and loose and leaking ducting in your air conditioning system, and we repair everything we find. We often discover that the current insulation density will vary greatly in different areas, and the different thickness is what causes the hot and cold spots within your home. Next, we prepare recessed lights and vents that allow airflow into the attic.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with New Attic Insulation

Once the attic is ready, we blow the insulation uniformly in place. Our new even attic insulation layer coverings will correct and prevent hot and cold spots within your house and help protect it from all types of weather conditions. Just as importantly, it saves you money.

Contact us today to discuss your home’s energy efficiency and ways that we can save you money. We will give you a free estimate with no obligation!
Reduce Your Cooling Cost with Energy-Efficiency Heat Barrier
As the only approved HeatBloc-Ultra contractor in the area, our professionals can apply a proprietary product providing the lowest e-factor of all spray applied radiant heat barriers, blocking 81% of the radiant heat trying to enter your home or building through you attic.

The energy efficient heat barrier is environmentally friendly, very low odor and ideal for hot climates. Applied to the underside of the roof deck and any gable ends, HeatBloc-Ultra effectively cuts the amount of radiant heat entering your attic and ultimately, your living space. It works like shade trees, keeping your home cooler and those inside more comfortable. 
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