Emergency Family Protection Shelters for San Angelo, TX

Hazardous weather and other threats make having a reliable safe shelter more important than ever. Preparation and protection are the best defense when facing the worst situations. Let Climate Right Construction consult with you on the many different options of shelters, safe rooms, and deep earth bunkers.

Climate Right Construction’s team members take everything into consideration when creating your bunker. We create a water-sealed underground concrete living space with reinforced 6” - 12” thick, steel reinforced walls and ceilings for the utmost in safety, security, and reliability. Specially fabricated doors that resist explosions, fire, tornado-force winds, and many other dangerous hazards are installed with strict adherence to all manufacturers’ specifications.

Customized Storm Shelters

Our team investigates the best types of air and water filtration systems to install for long-term sustainability and protection from biological, nuclear and chemical contaminants. Climate Right Construction understands the importance of constructing underground survival shelters with ventilation systems, full bathrooms, kitchens and creative solutions for provisions storage. Virtually no task is out of reach. If you can conceive it, we can construct it!

If an underground bunker or shelter is not an option for you, we also construct fully customized safe rooms, also known as panic rooms, within your home. Safe rooms or panic rooms are secured rooms to retreat to if an unthinkable home invasion or a tornado occurs. We equip them with anything from separate electrical outlets, telephone connection, and escape shaft to an extended emergency family living space.

Quality Construction for Your Safety & Security

Nothing is more important than your family's safety. Quality construction is the foundation of any building project and must be done correctly whether building your brand new dream home or constructing an emergency shelter.

Clients of Climate Right Construction have peace of mind when their survival shelter project is complete. They will also receive absolute confidentiality before, during and after construction of emergency shelters and panic rooms. We never give tours, discuss locations, design specifications or share any site information with nonessential personnel.

Climate Right Construction delivers only top-quality, innovative solutions for safeguarding your family. Custom survival shelter and panic room plans are designed to match your specific needs.

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